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Hi my name is Kate I am 27. I have a 5 month old little boy and we live in Orange Park. I am a teacher in Clay County, but really wish to be a SAHM. I am looking forward to meeting more people with children. I have lived here since I was three and I have had a ton of experience lately with the pedi. docs of Wolfson and Nemours. Which for a parent really sucks but everything is getting better.
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Hello Kate! My sister is a teacher at Ridgeview Elem. Do you enjoy teaching? I work at Citi, but I'm considering either nursing or teaching (I LOVE my sisters classroom.) I'm sorry you have experience at Nemours and Wolfsons...both are really great for the lil ones. My ex had club feet, and when he was a child he went to Nemours (a long time ago). I hope you lil one is doing well.

I am new around here also! I wanted to say welcome and hope to catch your entries!
Hey! just wanted to say welcome...I hope everything is allright with your little boy...and look forward to getting to know you! :)