Poison & Fire (anarielraet) wrote in jaxparents,
Poison & Fire

hey everyone! :)

Part of the point of this community is having get togethers right? Well it looks like there's a few of us now, (plus I know of at least one friend who doesn't play around on livejournal but that does take care of two kids mostly by herself) so why don't we start planning something? My husband and I pretty much have Sunday free, plus we can have Saturday free if given a week or so of notice (because my husband works a lot of Saturdays) We could do something at my place, it's an apartment though so if someone has a house and wants to have a get together I won't get my feelings hurt lol

I was thinking maybe some sort of barbque or something where we each brought a dish... something lol

So anyway how about if everyone comments on this thread about free times and suggestions and whatever else you can think of...or the moderator could start her own thread he he...come on I know ya'll want some social time! :)
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