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I'm Amber and I'm married with a 14 month old little boy...he will actually be 15 months old on the 26th of June. My husband, Chris, is 26 and I'm 23. I quit working for awhile when I had my little marshmellow puff, otherwise known as Jeremy :) I became very isolated during that period, seems like people without kids have no patience for those that do (when it comes to social activities and such) Anyway, now that he's a little older I've gone back to work part time, and am attending Florida Technical College where I'm studying CADD. I've also been trying to "un-isolate" myself, actually I'm doing allright with that but the more friends the merrier! Especially since I can plan to bring Jeremy when I hang out with you guys, instead of worrying about whether or not anybody will be willing to watch him at the specific time I want to go out...lol seems like nobody is free when you have somehwere *fun* to go!

But anyway I'm looking forward to seeing where this community will go, heck, we can even start planning the first get together right now :)
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Heheh, nice to meet you Amber-I'm Lisa. I really hope this community does take off. I know how hard it is to hang out with friends who aren't parents... and I always feel bad if I leave my son behind. Hopefully more people will join and we can get some activities going! :)
Heh, I can't say I ALWAYS mind leaving my son behind lol...but this should be good, even if we only have like, 4 members, that's still four sets of parents (or mothers or fathers or whatever)to hang out with :)